Soft Skills

Develop your soft skills such as knowing how to manage stress better, learning to express things correctly, daring to say no, etc... .

In summary: we help you to manage the situations that make up your daily life as a product manager / owner or product designer!

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This training in a few figures


2 days in your office, in our cozy Thiga Village in the heart of Paris, or in remote learning


Between 6 & 12 participants, from the same company, with whom to exchange and interact for an even more immersive training.


€9,900 excl. tax which can be financed. Our team accompanies you in this process.


A certification that is recognized by the entire product community and that will attest to your level. You will also be able to promote it on your LinkedIn profile.

Which profiles is the training aimed for?

group-27  Senior Product Managers & Designers

Our training is designed for Senior PMs & PrDs who wish to establish their legitimacy and develop their lateral leadership. 

Why will this training boost your career?


Taking our training courses is both a breath of fresh air and a shot of adrenaline! You'll get your head out of the routine, and leave with plenty of examples, methods and actionable tools to help you turn advance in your product career.

Our consultants

Our consultants-trainers face the same challenges as you: they are Product Managers, Designers, Marketers, and will share with you their experiences, their successes and failures, in the most exciting scale-ups and large groups.

Market leader

We were the pioneers of PM in France. Our training courses are recognized for their quality. Training at Thiga Academy means obtaining a certification that is recognized throughout the product community.

The modules:

The training program

  • Define the characteristics of a good PM / PO / PrD ;
  • Identify your comfort zones / areas of progress;
  • Mapping the stakeholders of your product and analyzing the relational interactions.
  • Identify your emotions and their associated needs;
  • Know how to express what you feel;
  • Adopt a + / + posture to build constructive relationships.
  • Know your intrinsic motivations;
  • Distinguish between types of motivations;
  • Leadership based on one's motivations;
  • Knowing the different motivational profiles;
  • Identify one's own motivations and ask questions to find those of the other person.
  • Understanding stress;
  • Identify the levers to manage it;
  • Identify the levers to manage the stress of others.
  • Understanding self-confidence;
  • Identify difficult personalities;
  • Know the behaviors to adopt in assertiveness.
  • 9 keys to understand and apprehend the conflict;
  • Practical cases to be analyzed collectively.
  • Identify possible options before a difficult conversation with your customers (internal or external);
  • Prepare yourself well to gain in efficiency and impact;
  • The 5 golden rules for leading a difficult discussion.
Exercises based on real situations brought by the participants:
  • Anchor the learning and tools provided throughout the training ;
  • Rely on the group's feedback;
  • Set up an individualized action plan.

Some figures about this training


Product Lovers trained


satisfaction rate for this training


certification recognized by the profession

Where to find us?

In our offices - Paris

  23 Rue Taitbout, 75009 Paris

 +33 1 83 75 05 43

A team at your service


linkedin-blog  David

A former product consultant and a lover of knowledge sharing, it was only natural that David became the Academy's Director!


group-15-copy-5  Cécile

The tech world has no secrets for her: Cécile will listen to your needs to find you THE training that suits you!


group-15-copy-5  Ornella

As an expert in training, Ornella will always be available to accompany you in your efforts: all you have to do is enjoy your training!

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