Thiga Academy?

We want to enable all companies, all people working in the digital world to understand, master and progress in disciplines of Product Management, Product Design or Product Marketing.

Always at the forefront of the evolution of the product business, our goal is to enable you to create successful digital products in an your organization.

A bit of history


In 2014, Hugo and Alexandre, the founders of THIGA decided to create the first consulting firm with the mission to spread and grow Product Management in France.


They realized that to help companies mature, they needed to train their teams. The first Product Management training course was born. History was in the making.

The Goal is simple

Support the maturity of the market, help Product professionals grow, but also help companies to build team loyalty by offering career paths.

What's next?

Each year that passes is an opportunity to complete our training catalog, always with the same objective: create successful digital products!

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Trainers at the
heart of the reactor!

Our trainers are first of all consultants in the field, passionate about sharing their know-how and experience. Our consultants-trainers will always be available to discuss with you before or after the training... Passing on knowledge and making progress possible is for them a delight.

this is us!

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A proven pedagogy

Découvrir nos formations



We can train you at every stage of your Product career on the hard and soft skills you wish to develop.


The most complete training course on the market, regularly updated and practical: our watchword. Essential for us when we transmit knowledge, a tool or a method to you.


 Our trainers-consultants work daily with product teams in the field. They face the same challenges as you: they are Product Managers, Designers, Marketers, they will share with you their experiences, their successes and failures!


Actions rather than words, 65% of our training is based on practical cases. We have built the training program primarily for our consultants, tested and improved it regularly, we know how to adapt it to your needs.


As pioneers in product management in France, our courses are recognized for their quality. Training at Thiga means obtaining a certification that is recognized throughout the product community.

A team at your service


linkedin-blog  David

A former product consultant and a lover of knowledge sharing, it was only natural that David became the Academy's Director!


group-15-copy-5  Cécile

The tech world has no secrets for her: Cécile will listen to your needs to find you THE training that suits you!


group-15-copy-5  Ornella

As an expert in training, Ornella will always be available to accompany you in your efforts: all you have to do is enjoy your training!

A training catalog adapted to your career!

Our industry-recognized training catalog offers a comprehensive program for every stage of your product career.

This program is designed for Product Managers, Product Designers and Product Marketers. We also offer to increase your expertise with specialized training in Data, Product Marketing, soft skills.

Recently, we have been running workshops on specific tools and methods used in the daily life of teams.

So download it quickly!

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